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The excitement of opening a box of chocolates and the aroma of those shiny jewels nestling inside is something I remember from my childhood, there was always something special about the shiny wrapper of a chocolate bar, hearing that snap and then trying to making it last! or the anticipationof choosing a flavour from a box. I never got tired of the indulgence associated with chocolate and when I experienced some hand- made truffles later in life, I was hooked.

I saw that the world of chocolate was a hit to all the senses, it is hard to imagine how from a small brown bean the taste sensations that could be created. So started my chocolate journey- training, practising the techniques, testing and creating and eating my way through quite a lot of chocolate for research! I had been working in childcare for many years and when I found myself redundant in 2017, it gave me the push to really immerse myself in the business.

Living on the beautiful Valentia Island on the Wild Atlantic way certainly fuels the creative imagination, Oilean Chocolates was created to bring together a passion for flavours, experimenting, a love of natural ingredients- all to create some chocolate sensations of my own.