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At Oilean we use a large variety of natural ingredients- the chocolates may contain cream, butter, fruit purees, flavour oils, dried fruits and nuts, spices, alcohols and edible flowers. Boxes will contain a selection of dark,white and milk.
Some of the signature range will be included– Dark- sea-salt and nuts, whiskey, tangy passion fruit, mariners rum. Milk- creamy caramel, fresh orange and port, nuts and flowers, strawberries and cream. White- fresh lemon, sticky toffee, rose and mint.
No palm or vegetable oils are used. The chocolates will have a shelf-life of 6-8 weeks and bars 9-12 months.

The chocolate does or may contain milk products – all contain soya leitchin. Gluten is not added to the products except for the caramel and shortcake bar. Gluten products are stored on the premises.

Nuts are used in some of the products and are stored on the premises.